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In this post we present 40 of the highest-quality free e-commerce templates specifically for WordPress, Prestashop, osCommerce, Magento, Zen Cart, Tomatocart and CSS/HTML Templates available for free download. Those Template are difficult to find, all of them can be customised to meet the needs you can even create your own online store..

BlueScale2013 Free Magento Template


The sample data contains the website settings, sample products, extensions, menus, and images.


Magento Mobile HTML5 Theme

Magento Mobile HTML5 Theme

Free Magento Mobile HTML5 Theme for Magento. Setup your mobile store within minutes.

Irzoo Online Exclusive Store Theme

Irzoo Online Exclusive Store Theme

Free Magento Themes by MageStore

Free Magento Themes by MageStore

For instance, you can find a free Magento theme for an online jewelry shop, online furniture store, online electronics store and other kinds of web shops at

Home Appliances Magento Theme

Home Appliances Theme

The dark background and balanced location of elements make this free Magento template perfect for a wide range of home appliance technologies.

Interior Design Magento Theme

Interior Design Theme

The gray background of the Interior Design template is associated with practical, middle-of-the-road, solid things in life. This makes your site look reliable and adds rock-solid feeling to your products.

Free Fashion Magento Theme - Gala Eva

Gala Eva

Fashion Magento Theme - Gala Eva is the most powerful free Magento theme that you ever see. This free magento template has powerful backend settings that allow to configure text colors, background colors, background images, fonts, images slideshow, banners easily without any technical skill needed.


1. Bluescale Magento E-Commerce Themes

Bluescale Magento E-Commerce Themes


2. EM Computer Magento E-Commerce Themes

EM Computer Magento E-Commerce Themes


3. Grayscale Magento E-Commerce Themes

Grayscale Magento E-Commerce Themes


4. Siam Blue MagentoE-Commerce Theme

Siam Blue MagentoE-Commerce Theme


5. ElectronikStore Magento E-Commerce Themes

ElectronikStore Magento E-Commerce Themes


6. Glam Magento E-Commerce Themes

Glam Magento E-Commerce Themes


7. HelloWired Magento E-Commerce Themes

HelloWired Magento E-Commerce Themes


8. mApple Magento E-Commerce Themes

mApple Magento E-Commerce Themes


9. Appcloud WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Appcloud WordPress E-Commerce Theme


10. Kelongtong WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Kelongtong WordPress E-Commerce Theme


11. Crafty Cart WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Crafty Cart WordPress E-Commerce Theme


12. Dangdoot WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Dangdoot WordPress E-Commerce Theme


13. Simplecart WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Simplecart WordPress E-Commerce Theme


14. 2049 PrestaShop Theme

2049 PrestaShop Theme


15. Fennecs PrestaShop Theme

Fennecs PrestaShop Theme


16. Black PrestaShop Theme

Black PrestaShop Theme


17. Rumah Batik PrestaShop Theme

Rumah Batik PrestaShop Theme


18. Moon PrestaShop Theme

Moon PrestaShop Theme


19. Free PrestaShop Theme by Template Monster

Free PrestaShop Theme by Template Monster


20. Toys Store osCommerce Theme

Toys Store osCommerce Theme


21. nline-shop osCommerce Theme

nline-shop osCommerce Theme


22. Hardware Store osCommerce Theme

Hardware Store osCommerce Theme


23. Furniture Store osCommerce Theme

Furniture Store osCommerce Theme


24. Shopping Online osCommerce Theme

Shopping Online osCommerce Theme


25. Online Store osCommerce Theme

Online Store osCommerce Theme


26. G Online Shop osCommerce Theme

G Online Shop osCommerce Theme


27. Photo Store Magento Theme

Photo Store Magento Theme


28. Acadame – Free Zen Cart Template

Acadame – Free Zen Cart Template


29. PureOrange Free Zen Cart template

PureOrange Free Zen Cart template


30. PureOrange Template

PureOrange Template


31. Black and Blue Free Zen Cart Template

Black and Blue Free Zen Cart Template


32. Free Zen Cart Template 1

Free Zen Cart Template 1


33. Free Zen Cart Template

Free Zen Cart Template


34. Toys Store Tomatocart Template

Toys Store Tomatocart Template


35. Light-blue Tomatocart Template

Light-blue Tomatocart Template


36. Free Furniture Tomatocart Template

Free Furniture Tomatocart Template


37. Free E-Commerce Template From CSS Creme

Free E-Commerce Template From CSS Creme


38. Wing the Air osCommerce Theme

Wing the Air osCommerce Theme


39. ShopAround osCommerce Theme

ShopAround osCommerce Theme


40. Tool Shop osCommerce Theme

Tool Shop osCommerce Theme


41. PSD ecommerce website template

PSD ecommerce website template


42. WP-OpenCart WordPress Theme for e-commerce

WP-OpenCart WordPress Theme for e-commerce


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Free Credit Card Icons for E-Commerce Business

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jQuery developers and designers widely use content slider scripts to create various and flexible effects on the images.

30 jQuery Free Photo Albums with Tutorials

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12 jQuery CAPTCHA Plugin with Tutorial

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60 Free Adobe After Effects Text Effects Tutorials

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60 Elegant Responsive Free Drupal 7/8 Themes

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20 Fantastic Responsive Free Joomla 3 Templates

You’ll find best Latest Free Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3 Templates Around because we’re going to use our blog as a tool to promote our business.

20 Response FREE Wordpress Themes Releases IN 2015

In this article I want to showcase best 20 free Response Wordpress blog themes released in 2014. I hope these themes will fit your needs.

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