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Magento is a popular open source platform to built your ecommerce website. It is based on Zend Framework and has a very flexible architecture. Although it is much younger than many of its competitors, Magento has a large community of users. 

Developers can easily built plugins or templates for Magento, which makes it more and more popular among open source ecommerce solutions. here are loads of great extensions for Magento to help take your internet store to the next level.

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Remerce CMS Meta Robots Remerce CMS Meta Robots

Set the Robots Meta Tags for Cms pages
This module add the option to set the Robots Meta for CMS pages.

Go to CMS =>Manage Pages
Select a page and go to the tab "Meta Data" Under Robots you can set the Robots Meta Tag


Fooman Google Analytics Plus Fooman Google Analytics Plus

This is a beta release - please report how this extensions works for you.
Current improvements:
    * * Track every individual page - including sections retrieved via AJAX during one-page-checkout
    * * Track the actual typed in keywords by your user (this might not yet work due to a bug in Magento itself)
    * * Temporary solution to make your Magento install SEO friendlier via robots.txt 


Canonical URL's for Magento  Canonical URL's for Magento

This extension adds the new canonical links to the head of your Magento pages, for a more in-depth explanation, see Yoast.com. More about Magento SEO in general at Yoast.
For the new way the module gets the canonical URL at product pages it is important that Mage::getSingleton('catalog/url')->refreshRewrites(); is executed. Normally this will happen with the install of the module but please check the canonical url at your product page. If you get a 404 for this url change change the value of "add category to product url" at your backend, save, change it back and save again. Now the url shouldn't give a 404 error.


Advanced Sitemap  Advanced Sitemap

how a list of product from current store

* Add parent category

->U app/design/frontend/default/default/template/catalog/product/productlist/category.phtml


Blog  Blog

A blog can be a great way for an online store to connect with customers, and this Magento extension makes it easy for you to incorporate a blog into your internet shop.  Are you already using the Monk_Blog extension for your store’s blog?  Well, Blog is compatible with Monk_Blog, so this Magento extension can integrate all of the information from your old blog into your new one (make sure you follow the directions closely).


Post Affiliate Pro Connector  Post Affiliate Pro Connector

An affiliate scheme can be a great way to increase your ecommerce site’s sales, and the Post Affiliate Pro Connector extension instantly integrates Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) into Magento.  This extension for Magento automatically handles click and sale affiliate tracking, tracks affiliate sales using Javascript or PHP API, accepts referrals to any page of your online store, and much more!


IW PayPal Standard Currencies  IW PayPal Standard Currencies

This Magento extension lets you choose any PayPal supported currency for your online store’s transaction currency and add new PayPal supported currencies to the PayPal Website Payments Standard payment method in your shop’s admin panel.  With the IW PayPal Standard Currencies extension, you can use any base currency for your online shop, allowing your store to have customers almost anywhere in the world.


J2T Points & Rewards J2T Points & Rewards

This module allow the customers do gather points on products they are buying.
The points can be redeemed for discount on their purchase.
Upon installing this module, you need to create a shopping cart promotion named 'points' and an attribute called 'reward_points'.
You can specify an amount of point for a product, or let the system do the job.
You can configure the module by updating the values in : System > Configuration > Reward Points.


Google Maps Store Locator  Google Maps Store Locator

To include the map in your CMS page/block use this snipped:
{{block type="core/template" template="unirgy/storelocator/map.phtml"}}

Copy to your theme and design the following interface files:

If you are importing locations directly to database, go to this URL to fetch coordinates:


BouncingOrange TinyMCE (WYSIWYG)  BouncingOrange TinyMCE (WYSIWYG)

TinyMCE is fully configurable (without modifying any code file) in the administration configuration (System -> Configuration / Admin / WYSISYG Editor (TinyMCE)).

You can activate TinyMCE for the following textaera :
- Product Description
- Product Short Description
- CMS Page Content
- Static Block Content
- Category Description
- Newsletter Template


Fontis WYSIWYG Editor  Fontis WYSIWYG Editor

This extension gives you the option to enable a JavaScript WYSIWYG editor to specified admin pages. Currently available editors are: TinyMCE and FCKeditor.

For more information, including screenshots, version history and instructions on configuration and usage, please see the Fontis WYSIWYG Magento extension page.


Magento Live Chat  Magento Live Chat

This free module will provide LiveChat support in Magento.
It don’t depends third party platform
It don’t require to fill a form before start a conversation
It identify automatically registered user
It provide information about the current page of the customer
It can provide useful information about transformation rate
Conversation are archived and available forever


Fontis SecurePay  Fontis SecurePay

Please note that this extension uses the Australian SecurePay found at www.securepay.com.au.

Payments made with this payment module are processed through the SecureXML gateway.

For more information, including screenshots, version history and instructions on configuration and usage, please see the Fontis SecurePay Magento extension page.


Royal Mail Domestic and International Shipping  Royal Mail Domestic and International Shipping

Is your online store based in the UK?  If you sell tangible items to customers in the UK and beyond, then check out the Royal Mail Domestic and International Shipping extension for Magento.  This extension calculates the cost of sending items to a variety of different destinations using a range of various shipping methods.



Checkout Newsletter  Checkout Newsletter

A regular newsletter is a great way of telling your customers about your latest sales, newest products, and special offers.  Checkout Newsletter is a super simple extension for Magento which allows you to add a ‘Sign Up for Newsletter’ checkbox onto your Onepage Checkout Page.  With Checkout Newsletter, your customers can sign up for your company’s newsletter with just a click of there mouse!


Lazzymonks Twitter   Lazzymonks Twitter

Completely rebuilt to integrate better with magento. All the problems experienced with the earlier version have been fixed in this release.

You can set it to be in either the left menu, right menu or both. The number of updates to display is also adjustable.

Status updates can be posted from within the admin panel.


Events Calendar  Events Calendar

With this extension, you can display an events calendar on your website. Events are stored in the database. You can also display the upcoming list of events quickly by calling a block in your template.

Before entering any events, go to System->Configuration->General->Events Calendar and set your timezone.

Get the callendar using this {{block type="mathieufeventscal/events" template="mathieuf/eventscalendar/events.phtml"}}
Get the events list using this {{block type="mathieufeventscal/events" template="mathieuf/eventscalendar/nextevent.phtml"}}


Customer Groups Configurable Catalog  Customer Groups Configurable Catalog

This extension is a lot more flexible then the Netzarbeiter_LoginCatalog and
Netzarbeiter_CustomerActivation modules, but it is also more complex.
I suggest not installing this extension together with Netzarbeiter_LoginCatalog,
as that doesn't really make sense.

Release 0.2.5beta and above works with and without the flat catalog enabled


Exploded Menu  Exploded Menu

Replaces the standard Magento menu with a multi column drop down menu system. This is a community version of the Supermenu extension. The screenshots say it all ... Allows you to display your product categories in a more intuitive manner. Similar to the functionality used on top ecommerce sites like www.asos.com


Magento EasyLightbox  Magento EasyLightbox

Want a free and easy way to improve the appearance and functionality of your Magento site?  Then try Magento EasyLightbox, an extension that displays an image (i.e., your store’s products) as a lightbox.  Magento EasyLightbox takes about 5 minutes to install and configure, and you don’t need any coding experience! This is a great extension for just about type of online shop.


Fooman Invoice=Order Number   Fooman Invoice=Order Number

Love using Magento for your online store but hate how it creates separate invoice, shipment, and creditmemo numbers for one order?  Then start using Fooman Invoice=Order Number, a free extension for Magento.  Instead of keeping separate counts for invoice, shipment, and creditmemo numbers, this extension uses the related order number, making it easier for you to track of all of the numbers related to an order.


Magento jqZoom  

Magento provides users with an image gallery to help display their products in an attractive and interesting way.  Magento jqZoom, an extension for Magento, can make your online store even more dynamic, because it replaces Magento’s regular image gallery with the jqueryZoom widget.  This widget will allow your clients to hover over images of your products and show them in zoom view without having to use controls.


CLS Upgrade-proof Email Templates    CLS Upgrade-proof Email Templates

Looking for an upgrade-proof way to change your email templates for Magento?  Then give the Magento extension ‘CLS Upgrade-proof Email Templates’ a try!  Instead of having to directly change the default email templates for Magento, this module allows you to store your customized email templates in a custom theme directory which will override the default template.



Some tiny but nice features come with the Magento Teaserbox extension - below you will find a complete list of features which are supported within this product.

Image gallery
Sliding direction
Define Teaserbox proportions


IDEALIAGroup LightBox for Magento   IDEALIAGroup LightBox for Magento

IDEALIAGroup LightBox is UPDATE SAFE since no system files are replaced or modified and you can enable or disable it in a click.

1 - FULL MAGENTO BACKEND INTEGRATION: all parameters available in configuration (no coding needed)
2 - Configurable effect duration
3 - Support for thumbnails and base image: default double-click zooming of base image is automatically replaced and integrated
4 - Full styles configuration: assets colors, fonts and borders can be easily configured


Magento EasyTabs   Magento EasyTabs

This small extension will help to add informational tabs on product page. Installation and configuration will take approximately 5 minutes. No files are replaced and no codding experience needed to install!

1.Install extension using magento connect.
2.Log out from admin and login again.
3.Navigation to System > Configuration > Templates-Master > EasyTabs and enable extension for any store you need.


MagentoConnect Manager   MagentoConnect Manager

One of the first things that really confused me when i start using Magento is Magento connect. I just started learning things, so i was looking for some plugin examples. I visited Magento connect page with extensions and looked for download button, instead i found “Get extension key” one.

You can also automatically upgrade your Magento installation through connect manager with key



osCommerce Migration Tool   osCommerce Migration Tool

Now, available for download through Magento Connect, is a new extension for DataFlow which enables importing your data from osCommerce into your website in Magento.

To set up a profile, all Magento needs is information such as the IP/host of your osCommerce DB, user login and name of DB. Magento will take care of the rest. The data Magento supports is the default DB of osCommerce 2.2 RC2 which includes customers, orders, categories and products in multiple languages.


MostViewed module   MostViewed module

Magento MostViewed module automatically generates the list of your online store's most viewed
products and displays it at the home page (or some other page) in the customer area. All that you need - add the "mostviewed/list" block to the home page. You can do it at the CMS->Manage Pages page in the admin area. Simply add the following line to the content of page:
{{block type="mostviewed/list" name="home.mostviewed.list" alias="product_homepage" template="catalog/product/list.phtml"}}


Vertical Navigation with CSS Classes   Vertical Navigation with CSS Classes

With this extension you're able to design you own vertical category navigation with subcategories and product count display.

Each element has a fine css'ing so you can address each element or group exactly including "first" and "last" element per group and "previos", "activ" and "next" child.

The module removes the top.navigation via XML-Update and places the vertical nav in "left" structural block. You can change this by modifying the vertnav.xml file.


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