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Social media bookmarking to increase your social media traffic that your blog receives, you also need to consider enhancing a few icons to provide good amount of boost towards your daily site visitors.

Here is a list of 35 (NEW) Truly Fresh and practical Icon Sets. These Icons are free to use in both personal and commercial for websites, mobile applications or any kind of project, you can see below and I hope you will find your favorite to include them in your

Social media icons included:
Dribbble, forrst, twitter, flickr, twitter 2, facebook, skype, google, html5, picasa, deviantart, technorati, google plus, blogger, pinterest, amazon, appstore, behance, quora, feedburner, evernote, bebo, wikipedia, zootool, stumbleupon, digg, wordpress, hi5, ask, techcrunch, envato, stackoverflow, formspring, diigo, reddit, yelp, linkedin, lastfm, vimeo, yahoo, tumblr, apple, windows, youtube, delicious, dropbox, windows live, soundcloud, android, instagram, paypal, youtube 2, squidoo, bing, metacafe, myspace, imdb, xing, friendfeed, share, aim, newsvine, badoo, zoosk, google chrome, rss, mail, google drive, github, share, favorite, vkontakte and spotify icon.


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42 Free Flat Showdown Social Media Icons

Bring you a great freebie in the form of 42 Social Media Icons! The pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This collection of icons includes a PNG file, a PSD file, AI formats and EPS files.

Free Social Media Icons

Circle Vector Icons Pack for Designers (AI, EPS, PDF)

This freebie is a great package for starters, save your time using this small kit on your next project! These icons are suitable for use on the web and print materials. They are also 100% vector and completely scalable to any size.

Circle Vector Icons Pack for Designers

Modern Social Media Icons by davidvkimball

A full set of Modern Social Media icons that are up to date. Here you are, hand-PhotoShop'd by yours truly. Each icon is natively 80x80, but I have provided 64x, 32x, and 18x versions as well.

Modern Social Media Icons by davidvkimball

60 Stunning Social Media Icons

These icons have been designed with precision in mind. Each icon has been perfectly sized and aligned inside it’s surrounding container. Included in the download are the icons themselves and the original .psd files used to create them. All layers are perfectly presented, for easy customization!

60 Stunning Social Media Icons

Flat Social Icons by slayerD1

flat social icons by slayerd1

20 Free Flat Shadow Style Original Colour Icons

Free Flat Shadow Style Original Colour Icons Set. Includes 20 most popular social media icons on the web. This pack contains 20 most popular format and sizes for web icons.

20 Free Flat Shadow Style Original Colour Icons

Pen Sketch Icons Set

Pen Sketch Icons Set. Useful for art portfolio or same creative project. Includes 20 most popular social media icons designed in creative pen sketch style. All colours is a original colours from a social networks. This pack contains 20 different icons in popular format and sizes for your projects.

Pen Sketch Icons Set

Hand Drawn Social Icons

Hand drawn social icons to grab for free and use as you please. The package contains eps, pdf and SVG for vectors. In addition each icon is saved separately as transparent png in two sizes 64x64px and 128x128px.

Hand drawn social icons

Free Flat Social Icons by GreyFoxGR

FREE HD social icons for android apps or pc. Use it for personal needs. Feel free to modify.

free flat social icons by greyfoxgr

sixOclock – Social Media Icon Set

sixoclock social media icon set by cstaiger

Free Flat Social Media Icons by aviatStudios

Free Flat Social Media Icons

74 Thin Social Media Icons

Thin social media icons pre-saved in different styles, colors and strokes. Illustrator ai, eps and transparent png files included. Available in 2 styles including rounded and rectangular icons.

74 Thin Social Media Vector Icons

72 Social Media Vector Icons

Perfect for graphic designers, websites and other projects. For modern looking websites this is one of the best socila media icon bundles. Clean, good looking, simple and 100% free!

72 Social Media Vector Icons

Social Icon Pack designed by anthony konkov

Social Icon Pack

Free social media rollovers for Freeway Pro

Free social media rollovers for Freeway Pro

Free Social Media v2 Icon Pack & HTML for Mobile App

Rounded Square Flat Social Icons

Pace black and white Social Icon

The icons come in JPG and PNG format and a size of 32px x 32px include Zerply and github

Pace black and white Social Icon

Free Flat Social Media Icons (PSD)

Collection of Free Flat Social Media Icons PSD, these Flat Icons have a very simple style created by the Bloom Web Design team. These flat social media icons are perfect for your next design project and are fully editable.

Free Flat Social Media Icons (PSD)

Ultra-thin Social Media Icons (PSD, AI, SVG, EPS)

Ultra-thin Social Media Icons (PSD, AI, SVG, EPS)

Simple Social Icons

This is your essential social media icon set for 2014. The simplicity of these icons is what makes them suitable for almost any web design project. Included are 34 pixel perfect, completely editable vector icons, each surrounded by a 48 x 48 px square of the brand color.

Simple Social Icons

Flat Social Media Icons 2 by Insofta

Free social icons: Vimeo, Wordpress, Skype, Evernote, App Store, Google Play, Apple, Android, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, LiveJournal, hi5, Orkut. PSD file included, Package contains: PSD file, ICO, PNG (48x48 and 32x32).




30x6style Flat Social icon


iOS7 inspired social icon set


Free Modern Social Media Icons

As a designer it is a must to have a few sets of icons available to work with in any personal and/or commercial projects. To help you extend your collection, we have made this set of Social Media icons available for free download exclusively on LunarTemplates.


Metro UI Icon Set - 725 Icons

Metro UI Icon Set

This Metro UI Dock Icon Set is inspired on Windows 8. The set has over 650 Metro Icons inside. Icons are in 512 x 512px and 256 x 256px .ICO format. You can use them for internet browsers, operating systems, multimedia devices etc.

24 Pixel Social Media Icons Set

A pack of social media icons with two variations. The package includes 24px of .PNG files.

Social Media Icons Set

Pace Social Icon Set

Pace Social Icon Set (24 Social Icons In JPG PNG & PSD Format) The 24 icons included are rss, twitter dribbble, vimeo, facebook, forrst, zerply, github, you tube, skype, flickr, share this, digg, google+, last fm, evernote, ember, linkedin, paypal, tumblr, behance, aim, yahoo, and wordpress.

pace-black and white social icons

Free Retro Social Icons by BRAINLEAF


Social Network Icons

Was finally getting around to doing some more stuff, which meant working on a set of glyphs so I can quickly use them again and again in all the lovely coming-soon themes.

Social Network Icons

3D Social Media Icons

Another of my free time work, total of 53 icons, and in 48x48px.

3D Social Media Icons

Vector 3D Social Media Icon Pack

Vector 3D Social Media Icon Pack

Circular Social Icons by dannyknaack

Exquisite Circular SOCIAL ICONS SET designed by dannyknaack, you can find it in his Portfolio


Free Social Media Icons for Designers – A Life in Pixels

In this freebie icon set, you will find 16 free social media icons for sites that designers appreciate (such as deviantART, Flickr, Twitter, and more).  The set includes 16 32px x 32px PNG files.

life in pixels lead

Beautiful & Free Social Media Icons by elegantthemes

It’s especially difficult to find GPL-licensed (open source) graphics that can be used in WordPress Themes is the second open-source social media icon set by elegantthemes. This set includes thirty-five 32×32 icons in PNG and PSD format. You can use these icons however you like. There are absolutely no restrictions.


Relay Social Icon Set by designdeck

new social icon set the Relay Social Icon Set includes 18 icons in JPG PNG & PSD format. The social icons included are Mail, Rss, 2 Twitter icons, Dribbble, Pinterest, StumbleUpon Vimeo, Facebook, Forrst, zerply, Skype, flickr, Digg, Google+, Last fm, Evernote and LinkedIn. Included in the Zip is all 18 icons in JPG & PNG format at a size of 32px x 32px Also included is the original PSD file for the Relay Social Icon Set


108 Minimad Social Networking Icons Pack

Minimad minimalistic social media icons pack in black, grey and white - PSD and PNG 48px.


Boxy Social Icons PSD file included

680 boxy-social-icons

Boxy Social Icons 2


Simple Colored Social Icons

A simple and minimalist social icons set. Available in PSD and PNG's

Simple Colored Social Icons



Free Flat Social Media Icon Set

A various set of flat social icons: YouTube, Dribbble, RSS, Google Plus, Vine, Paypal, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, Flickr, Dropbox, Deviantart, LinkedIn, Twitter, Behance, Kickstarter, Yahoo, Blogger, HTML5, CSS3, Grooveshark, Github (x2), Basecamp, Code School, Evernote, Forst, Foursquare.

Free Flat Social Media Icon Set

Socia lcircles – Free social icons


Flat but not flat rounded social icons

Flat design is all the rage, and trend-conscious clients are beginning to ask for redesigns to meet the current fad for all things flat., available in 15 different sizes. These are provided in both PNG and PSD formats.


Social Network Icon Pack

The Social Network Icon Pack consists of 40+ 16 pixel x 16 pixel icons and 40+ 32 pixel by 32 pixel icons all in 32-bit PNG format

Social Network Icon Pack

27 Circular Social Media Icons in 3 Sizes

The new icons are AIM, Bebo, eBay, Hi5,, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Ning, Orkut and Yahoo Messenger. There is also an icon template PSD file included!

27 Circular Social Media Icons in 3 Sizes

7 Jun Free ‘Social Media Bookmark Icon +’ pack

14 social media bookmark icons that you can download and use wherever you like, for free as well!

 7 Jun Free ‘Social Media Bookmark Icon +’ pack

Free Vector Polygon Social Media Icons


Social Icons Pack | format: .PNG, size: 50x50

Tumblr | | Wordpress | RSS | Twitter | | Flickr | deviantArt | Digart | Facebook | MySpace | Nasza-Klasa | Flaker | Lastfm | YouTube | Vimeo | Picasa | LinkedIn | GoldenLine | Profeo

social icons_pack

Round Social Media Icons

a set of elegant, round social media icons. Included in the pack are 26 of the most popular social media icons, each with gray and color variations. Premium downloaders will also get the 100% vector .psd source file.


Somacro: 29 Simple Social Media Icons

Here’s Somacro, a set featuring 29 different social media icons in an unusually big format. The icons are all PNG 500×500 pixels in 300 dpi so you can print them and use them on your website. Somacro is an update from Somicro, a tiny icon set previously made for web only.


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