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jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. The primary objective of a web form is to collect user input. With different type of form elements  to represent the input we expected from users. For example, here’s a collection of 40 best jQuery form enhancement.

Update 10 new plugins For Responsive Design

jQuery Form Generator

jQuery Form Generator is a terrific form tool! Designing jquery modal forms with jQuery on-fly validation has never been easier and fun as it is with jQuery Form Maker. It features a drag-n-drop GUI, no-coding, stylish jQuery form skins, pure CSS style form elements, and anti-spam Google capture.



jQuery Highlight plugin highlight currently active row in a form. This makes it more user friendly especially in larger screens and smaller screens. The highlighting can be toggled on click.

02 highlight



An important part of forms is file uploading. With the advanced HTML5 File API and other browser technologies, file uploading is very responsive now.

05 uploadify

Inline Form Validation

Validation is an important step in form submission. Client side validation ensures fast validation. It also reduces number of client server requests.

08 inline form validation


It is always suggested to use a datepicker for the user to enter a date input. This reduces the format error of dates. Also we can restrict the user from selecting a past date if needed.

09 pickadate

Switch Button

Switchbutton gives you an advanced checkbox with on and off state. It has a beautiful sliding on and off transition. The design of switchbutton is inspired by iphone styles. It requires jQuery 1.6+ for working.

10 jquery switchbutton


Different browsers render form input elements differently. To obtain a cross browser uniform styling use uniform.js. It styles most of the input elements like buttons, select, checkbox, radio etc. It requires jQuery 1.6+ for working.

11 uniformjs


jQTransform is a form styling plugin. It is licensed under GPL License. The form styling can be further customized by editing the associated css file. The plugin works in almost all browsers even in IE6.

12 jqtransform


You might have seen multiple select as shown above in facebook. It allows users to select options using an autocomplete form. Once the user selects a value it is added to the list.

13 chosen

Ideal Forms

Ideal forms is a smaller, faster and extensible jQuery form plugin. It works in IE9+ and in all modern browsers. It is licensed under GPL or MIT License. The plugin has in inbuilt validation. It is responsive and works in all screens.

14 ideal forms

Credit Card Validation

15 credit card validation

1. Uniform is a jQuery plugin that allow you to easily customize the look and feel of your form elements.



2. jQuery Autosave: This plugin will autosave the progress of form fields using cookies so nothing will be lost.

jQuery Autosave


3. Access Key Highlighter provides various options for highlighting access keys on web forms when the user presses their browser’s access key shortcut key, e.g. Alt in Internet Explorer and Safari, Shift+Alt in Firefox.



4. Ajax Fancy Captcha is a jQuery plugin that helps you protect your web pages from bots and spammers

Ajax Fancy Captcha


5. AJAX Upload allows you to easily upload multiple files without refreshing the page and use any element to show file selection window.

Ajax upload


6. ASM Select provides an enhancement to multiple select boxes that is worth taking a look at.

ASM Select


7. Autocomplete an input field to enable users quickly finding and selecting some value, leveraging searching and filtering.



8. Autotab provides smart auto-tabbing and filtering on text fields in a form. Simply put: once you have typed the maximum number of characters in a text field,



9. Baby Steps provides a simple and easily configurable solution for turning long forms into broken out steps without going from page to page.It works well like a wizard where users can go back and correct inputs if needed.

Baby Steps


10. BS Form Accelerator will be able to use Enter or Space buttons in your forms replacing the buttons such as Tab for changing focus in fields just with assigning an ID to the form.

BS Form Accelerator


11. Contactable will help you to make jQuery contact forms quickly and easily



12. Datepicker makes it easy to add calendars to date input fields in forms.



13. meioMask – a jQuery Mask Form Input Plugin is a simple to use plugin for creating and applying maskstot text input fields.

Form Input Plugin


14. In-Field Labels jQuery Plugin that turns properly formatted HTML forms into forms with in-field label support. Labels fade when the field is focussed and disappear when text entry begins.



15. JavaScript Image Combobox Add icons or images to items in a dropdown.



16. jCryption is a JavaScript HTML-Form encryption plugin, which encrypts the POST/GET data submitted by forms. Normally, when you submit a form, data will be sent in plain text if no SSL is used.



17. jqTransform will make it easy to give your forms a more attractive look as compared to the default form.



18. jQuery Form Plugin allows you to easily and unobtrusively upgrade HTML forms to use AJAX. The main methods, ajaxForm and ajaxSubmit, gather information from the form element to determine how to manage the submit process.

jQuery Form Plugin


19. jQuery Form Validation will validate the information entered into form fields before it is submitted.

jQuery Form Validation


20. JQuery Geogoer VChecks Plugin A very user friendly way to show checkboxes.

JQuery Geogoer VChecks Plugin


21. jQuery Highlight Plugin increases usability by highlighting elements within a form as you interact with each element. Its primary use is for forms, but it can also be used for tables, lists, or any element you specify.

jQuery Highlight Plugin


22. jQuery Comment Preview plugin not only gives site users the chance to preview a comment they have posted, it also allows them to preview it in real time, and it is simply awesome. There is also a MooTools version of this tutorial.

jQuery Comment Preview – Tutorial


23. mcDropdown jQuery Plug-in Wanted this control to be intuitive and it had to allow for both quick mouse and keyboard entry.



24. Password Validation jQuery plugin extends the jQuery validation plugin by providing two components: A function that rates passwords for factors like mixed upper/lower case.

Password Validation


24. Emblematiq Niceforms You basically know a web form when you see one as they always look the same and they’ve kept this look over the years.



25. Uploadify is a jQuery plugin that allows the easy integration of a multiple (or single) file uploads on your website. It requires Flash and any backend development language.



26. Textarea Resizer allows the user to extend the textarea element/area within the web page whenever they feel.



27. jQuery Dropdown Checkbox List Plugin One of the users of the dropdown-check-list plugin added a patch containing an update to take into consideration the optgroup tags, part of the select HTML element.



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