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26 Popular Graphic Design Books For Design Artists

There are a lot of books out their to get inspiration from or to learn how to design better. So, picking the right books instead of just a ton of useless books that aren’t worth your time or just regurgitating the same thing developed by someone else.
We have compiled a list of the 26 books and found that give us inspiration or are truly worth reading for web designers, graphic designers, writers or just hobbyists. All of them will be helpful for graphic designers and web designers but a few are great for writers or anyone in the creative industry.

Letterhead and Logo Design 9Letterhead and Logo Design 9

Now available in paperback format, #9 of this the best-selling annual Letterhead and Logo Design features the most creative and inspiring work in the field from well-known design leaders, new design firms, and cutting edge artists. Includes everything identity, from logos to labels, business cards to envelopes, and the creative techniques and full-color images portrayed in this broad range of work will inspire new design solutions for age-old challenges that beg for a fresh approach. Both design firms and their clients will find this an invaluable resource for inspiration and ideas that grab the viewer's attention and create a lasting impression.

LogoLounge 3: 2,000 International Identities by Leading DesignersLogoLounge 3: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers

The third volume in the best-selling LogoLounge series provides 2,000 totally new logos from designers worldwide. This book, like the previous titles in the series, is compiled in association with, a website that was launched by Bill Gardner in 2002. The site is dedicated to logos. Top designers and design firms supply multiple logos to the site. Each LogoLounge book presents thousands of new logos that have been added to the site, providing designers with a timely and invaluable source for design inspiration and a resource for design solutions. The first portion of the book profiles 10 top designers recent work in the area of logo design; the second part of the book contains almost 2,000 logos organized by logo design (typography, people, mythology, nature, sports, etc.)

The Best of Brochure Design 9The Best of Brochure Design 9

Brochure design is a perennial in the world of marketing and graphic design, yet it can be challenging to execute successfully. This collection of the world’s best brochure design offers hundreds of ideas, pages of inspiration, and armloads of advice for professional graphic designers and students alike. Using a clean, unfussy presentation, this book is a highly visual collection of ideas for everything from choosing type to photo treatments, and everything in between.

Rockport’s Best of Brochure Design series is a best seller the world over. This ninth installment, now available in a new paperback format, is much like its predecessors: a stunning collection of work from internationally-acclaimed designers.

The Best of Business Card Design 7 The Best of Business Card Design 7

The Best of Business Card Design series features an innovative collection of the most current and best work by top designers worldwide. Business card design is a very important and common area for the graphic design business, so it is little wonder that each installment in the series is recognized as a high quality resource that is eagerly anticipated by designers. The Best of Business Card Design 7 is the "go-to" sourcebook for business card design inspiration for 2006 and beyond. This volume contains little text; instead, focusing all its attention on innovative business card designs that push the envelope, showing front, back, and special elements and materials. Professional designers, corporate executives, and in-house marketing departments will seek this unrivaled resource as an essential identity and branding tool.

1,000 Graphic Elements: Details For Distinctive Designs1,000 Graphic Elements: Details For Distinctive Designs

Often, the small, delightful details make a piece shine, similar to the way unique buttons on a white shirt can give it an entirely new look. This book explores 1,000 of these embellishments available to graphic designers across all kinds of projects, from books to brochures, invitations to menus, CDs to annual reports.

Exacting photography, which is accompanied by credits outlining the vendors and materials used, focuses on these details. This book invites designers to literally shop for ideas. Content is organized by type; if youÆre in the market for an unusual binding, turn to the bindings section to see a wide collection of fresh ideas.

Other topics covered include fasteners, graphics, unique materials, embossing, debossing, specialty inks, type treatments, interesting color usage, add-ons, die cuts, and much more.

1,000 Bags, Tags, & Labels: Distinctive Designs for Every Industry1,000 Bags, Tags, & Labels: Distinctive Designs for Every Industry

When attempting to create a bag, tag, or label design that is strong in every respect, you are contending with some of the world's best designers. To compete in this league, you have to know your competition.

Finally, here is a book in which you can find 1,000 examples of brilliant bags, tags, and labels. Fresh ideas from a variety of industries are offered in a format that is as easy to read as any catalog. This book gives you the information you need to know in a quick-hit format, allowing the visuals to speak for themselves. Jam-packed with exciting samples from around the world, this consummate style resource provides you with an abundance of inspired ideas that will help your clients get noticed-and remembered.

The Anatomy of Design: Uncovering the Influences and Inspirations in Modern Graphic DesignThe Anatomy of Design: Uncovering the Influences and Inspirations in Modern Graphic Design

An iconic collection of design work presented in fresh and useful format.

Designers are conceptual pack rats. They pack as much raw material in their brains as possible and then use that to build their own unique designs. The Anatomy of Design is what, in the butcher business, they call a "side of beef." The authors selected fifty examples of graphic design that will be dissected, piece by piece, tissue by tissue, revealing an array of influences and inspirations. These are not necessarily the most well-known or celebrated objects of graphic design, though many contain the genetic codes of some canonical works. Instead, these represent contemporary artifacts that are well conceived, finely crafted, and filled with hidden treasures. Some are overtly complex and their influences are somewhat easy to see with the naked eye. Others are so simple that it is hard to believe there is a storehouse of inspiration hidden underneath.

Caffeine for the Creative Mind: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain Caffeine for the Creative Mind: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain

Intended for any designer or creative type who wants to quickly limber up their imagination on a daily basis, this book helps readers get into the creative zone, from which all their best work springs. It features an edgy sketchbook design for visual allure, 15-minute simple and conceptual exercises, and more.

Dos LogosDos Logos

Dos Logos, the sequel to the similarly named Los Logos, is a huge collection of logo designs. It tends more to the funky than the corporate and is packed with iconic inspiration.

Layout Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Building Pages in Graphic DesignLayout Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Building Pages in Graphic Design

Layout Workbook is one of five volumes in Rockport's series of practical and inspirational workbooks that cover the fundamental areas of the graphic design business. In this edition, author Kristin Cullen tackles the often perplexing job of nailing down a layout that works.

More than a collection of great examples of layout, this book is an invaluable resource for students, designers, and creative professionals who seek design understanding and inspiration. The book illuminates the broad category of layout, communicating specifically what it takes to design with excellence. It also addresses the heart of design-the how and why of the creative process.

Cullen approaches layout with a series of step-by-step fundamental chapters (a "how-to" of layout) addressing topics such as The Function of Design, Inspiration, The Design Process, Intuition, Structure and Organization, The Interaction of Visual Elements, Typography, and Design Analysis. The book offers inspirational quotations and a unique, progressive design that truly reflects its content.

New Masters of Poster Design: Poster Design for the Next CenturyNew Masters of Poster Design: Poster Design for the Next Century

In much the way that the CD replaced the album, the poster has waned as a messaging vehicle. The poster has now become a postcard and e-mail blast, leaving many to long for the lost age when posters were not only major promotional vehicles, but also artwork worthy of framing.

Some of the world's best designers just could not stand idle while the poster fell by the wayside. They turned to the poster for personal expression and as an outlet from more restrictive mediums.

This book showcases their breathtaking artwork, which has proven that the poster can still serve as a worthy communications tool. In doing so, they've brought the poster back to prominence. In this book, the author has compiled the world's finest new work at the height of this rebirth. There is currently no book on the market that can claim it features a "definitive" poster collection.

Typography Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Type in Graphic DesignTypography Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Type in Graphic Design

New in paperback, The Typography Workbook provides an at-a-glance reference book for designers on all aspects of type.

The book is part of Rockport's popular Workbook series of practical and inspirational workbooks that cover all the fundamental areas of the graphic design business. This book presents an abundance of information on type - the cornerstone of graphic design - succinctly and to the point, so that designers can get the information they need quickly and easily.

Whereas many other books on type are either very technical or showcase oriented, this book offers ideas and inspiration through hundreds of real-life projects showing successful, well-crafted usage of type. The book also offers a variety of other content, including choosing fonts, sizes, and colors; incorporating text and illustrations; avoiding common mistakes in text usage; and teaching rules by which to live (and work) by

Color Design Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design Color Design Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design

Designers know that color is an extremely vital part of any design project and not a subject to be taken lightly. For better or for worse, it affects moods and elicits reactions.

Color Design Workbook invites readers to explore color through the language of professionals. As part of the Workbook series, this book aims to present readers with the fundamentals of graphic design. It supplies tips regarding how to talk to clients about color and using color in presentations. Background information on color such as certain cultural meanings is also included. Color Design Workbook breaks down color theory into straightforward terms, eliminating unintelligible jargon and showcases the work of top designers and the brilliant and inspiring use of color in their design work.

Fingerprint: The Art of Using Handmade Elements In Graphic DesignFingerprint: The Art of Using Handmade Elements In Graphic Design

"Inside you'll find examples of work that showcase a variety of design methods including mixed media, illustration, letterpress, screenprinting and collage. You'll find inspiration in examples from outstanding designers and see how traditional elements can make a more powerful statement than anesthetized computer-only work. Fingerprint also includes essays on the power of the handmade by Debbie Millman, Jean Orlebeke, Jim Sherraden, Martin Venezky and Ross MacDonald."--BOOK JACKET



The Story of Graphic Design in FranceThe Story of Graphic Design in France

Tells the story of the development of design in France; detailing the influences of places as far as Russia, Switzerland and Poland. This book illustrates the coming to the fore of French graphic design, information design, multimedia and television, and places graphic design amongst the fields of fine art, and other artistic disciplines.

Graphic Design Time Line: A Century of Design MilestonesGraphic Design Time Line: A Century of Design Milestones

This matchless volume is the first to record the milestones of graphic design, from its beginnings as a viable art and craft one hundred years ago, to its most sophisticated, present-day accomplishments.

Graphis Advertising Annual 2007 Graphis Advertising Annual 2007

Advertising Annual 2007 is the premier showcase of print ads from around the world. Arranged into trade categories such as corporate, fashion, food, and sports, the annual features 300 of the best ads produced in the past year. Extensive credits for the creators--all at the top of the adverting business--make it easy to find the best.

Japanese Graphics Now!Japanese Graphics Now!

A guide to contemporary aesthetics in Japan, this book features the work of talented creative professionals in the form of posters, advertisements, print media, visual identity, and print design. Divided into chapters by media type, it presents a diverse selection of graphics, an index of designers, and website addresses and contact information.

6 magazines to subscribe to for recurring inspiration… ComputerArts6 magazines to subscribe to for recurring inspiration… ComputerArts

OK unless you are in the UK this magazine might be a little steep. Over here in Australia I just read them in my local borders because I’m so cheap! But if you can get your hands on them, ComputerArts and its sister magazine ComputerArts Projects (below) are absolutely fantastic.

ComputerArts ProjectsComputerArts Projects
Where ComputerArts is a general magazine, the Projects editions which run parallel each go into one specific theme in depth with tutorials, profiles, associated software on the discs and so on. Examples of themes include Typography, Illustration, Flash and so on.

Note that it was just so appropriate for this site that I swiped the image on the right from Sam Gilbey’s Site, so go check out his awesome illustrations so he doesn’t get mad at me

Communication ArtsCommunication Arts
CommArts is a bit of an institution these days, mixing photography, illustration and design, it’s a great read.. art director, OBIE Awards, Wieden+Kennedy, graphic design, creative director, Montana Meth Project, Cuba, Jon Olsen, ICOGRADA, Addy Award, Hunter Freeman, William Huber, QuarkXPress, Communication Arts, Domtar, Canada, Thomas Dooley, Cecelia Holland, HP DesignJet, Jeff Johnson


HOW magazine's goal is to help designers, whether they work for a design firm, for an in-house design department or for themselves, run successful, creative, profitable studios. HOW strives to serve the business, technological and creative needs of graphic-design professionals. The magazine provides a practical mix of essential business information, up-to-date technological tips, the creative whys and hows behind noteworthy projects, and profiles of professionals who are influencing design.


PRINT magazine informs and enlightens the graphic design profession with in-depth reporting and critical commentary on the emergent issues, trends, and ideas affecting global visual communications. PRINT analyzes the influence and effectiveness of the designer in the worlds of commerce, culture, and society and presents its observations within a rich and dynamic visual environment.

The Push Pin Graphic: A Quarter Century of Innovative Design and Illustration The Push Pin Graphic: A Quarter Century of Innovative Design and Illustration

Part design and illustration studio, part pop culture think tank, Push Pin Studios made a phenomenal impact on visual culture from the 1950s to the 1980s, representing an important chapter in postwar graphic design. Founding member Seymour Chwast partners with key figures from the design community -- as well as co-founder Milton Glaser -- to provide a visual history of the studio by way of its signature publication, The Push Pin Graphic. Hundreds of memorable covers and spreads culled from each of the eighty-six inspired and imaginative issues confirms Push Pin's vital role in setting the design curve and influencing the direction of modern visual style. The Push Pin Graphic is the first comprehensive account of a design milestone that continues to influence designers to this day.

Web Design Studios: Best StudiosWeb Design Studios: Best Studios

One for the web designers! Who would have thunk it, but this is a nice little book to flip through when you’re looking for some web inspiration. You can read it on trains and you don’t need to wait for each site to load before you figure out whether you like it or not!

About the Author
Julius Wiedemann was born and raised in Brazil. After studying graphic design and marketing, he moved to Japan, whore he worked in Tokyo as art editor for digital and design magazines. Since joining TASCHEN in Cologne, he has been building up TASCHEN's digital collection with titles such as Digital Beauties, 1000 Game Heroes, Animation Nowl, and TASCHEN's 1000 Favorite Websites.

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