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20 Cool Digital Photography Photoshop Lightroom Tutorials

Photoshop may be in terms of photo editing is a tool, just as the darkroom was a tool to manipulate images. In the digital age you as a photographer are expected to be familiar and knowledgeable with Photoshop that can be turned into a real masterpiece. we know as an professional photographer, the concept of enhancing an image is to improve or change the quality without adding or deleting anything, the final result had to be quite different from the orignal picture and be recognized as a post production photo manipulation.

As photographic skills grew so did your curiosity for better images, this is not a beginners guide to Photoshop. this list is in order of professional photographer workflow for their Digital Photography, so today we are bringing you a collection of Digital Photography Photoshop Tutorials use non-destructive methods of enhancemen, If you have created a Digital Photography that you consider should have made it into the list to retouch a photo to create a cool effect.

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Enhancements for Creating Beautiful Portraits with Photoshop CS6

Spend an hour with photographer and educator Joe Brady learning how to enhance portrait images

enhancements for creating beautiful portraits with photoshop cs6

How To Apply Cinematic Color Grading To Your Photos

show you how to achieve a very similar affect on your images with techniques that can be used in Photoshop get the colors often seen in summer blockbuster movies.

how to apply cinematic color grading to your photos

Lomograph. How to Make a PHOTO look Vintage & Retro

show you how to make Vintage Effect in Photoshop CS6

how to make a photo look vintage retro

How To Bring A Dull Photo Back To Life

how to bring a dull photo back to life

Vintage Look Photoshop Tutorial (3 Easy Steps)

vintage look photoshop tutorial 3 easy steps

How to Create a Vintage Photo Effect in Lightroom

Many photographers hate Instagram because it's too "automatic". This tutorial will teach you how to manually create a vintage photo effect in Lightroom.

how to create a vintage photo effect in lightroom

Using HDR Toning in Photoshop to Create a Fantasy Forest Scene

HDR Toning feature of Photoshop CS5 in combination with a few lighting effects to create a fantasy forest scene.

hdr toning in photoshop to create a fantasy forest scene

How To Fake Long Exposure Without A Tripod

want to capture long exposure shots, here is what you need to do

how to fake long exposure without a tripod

Create Beams Of Light From Nothing In Photoshop

create beams of light from nothing in photoshop

Secrets of Shooting and Retouching Urban Landscapes

secrets of shooting and retouching urban landscapes

Krunoslav Stifter - Redhead Girl With Freckles Retouch

krunoslav stifter redhead girl with freckles retouch

Unlock the Secret to the Lens Flare in Photoshop

The Lens Flare filter in Photoshop can add a nice effect to backlit photos

unlock the secret to the lens flare in photoshop

Natural Outdoor Portrait Retouching in Photoshop

natural outdoor portrait retouching in photoshop

How to Create a Sunset in Photoshop

gives you the opportunity to add a warm "sunset style" to your image in Photosho

how to create a sunset in photoshop

How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop

how to replace a sky in photoshop

Rain Effect Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

rain effect photoshop manipulation tutorial

Lightning Effects Photoshop Tutorial By Graphics Geeks

lightning effects photoshop tutorial by graphics geeks

Portrait Retouching Fundamentals in Photoshop

portrait retouching fundamentals in photoshop

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