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Eastern Beauty Photography Of Grand Gardens, China Suzhou

The gardens e.g. Zhuozhengyuan, Lingering, Lion Forest in Suzhou are the "mountain forests in cities with natural beauty." with profound cultural implications. When people in the downtown enter the gardens,they would joy the beauty of the nature in the concentrated" natural world" with the changes of time and seasons, where, one spoonful of water means lake and one fist-size stone stands for a hill. People can" enjoy the beauty and quietness of the mountain forests and the pleasure of spring and brooks in the downtown."

In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the feudalistic economy and culture in Suzhou reached its summit, leading garden art to maturity. A large number of garden artists came into being, causing the upsurge of the construction of gardens. During the prime time, there were 280 private gardens and courtyards in Suzhou,among which the well-preserved and opened to the public now a days are the Canglang Pavilion and the Wangshi Garden in the Song Dynasty, Shizilin in the Yuan Dynasty,Zhuozheng Garden, Yipu in the Ming Dynasty, Liuyuan, Ouyuan, Yiyuan, Quanyuan,Tingfengyuan in the Qing Dynasty, etc. Zhuozheng Garden,Liuyuan, Wangshi Garden and Huanxiu Villa are incorporated into the "World Cultural Heritage" in the late 1997 by UNESCO for their elaborate art and explicit characteristics.

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Yuanxiangtang Of Zhuozhengyuan

Yuanxiangtang which means the fragrance of the lotus symbolizing human character

yuanxiangtang photography of grand gardens suzhou

Xiangzhou Of Zhuozhengyuan

"Xiangzhou" , which means the elegant sweet grass symbolizing noble temperament

xiangzhou photography of humble administrator garden

"Huafangzhai" Of Zhuozhengyuan

hich describes the crave for the lives of the ancient people drifting like a boat

huafangzhai photography of humble administrator garden

36 Yuanyang Guan of Zhuozhengyuan

yuanyang guan of zhuozhengyuan

Youyicun Garden Of Lingering Garden

youyicun garden of lingering garden

Keting of Lingering Garden

keting of lingering garden

“Lotus Hall” of lingering garden

lotus hall of lingering garden

The Lion Forest Garden

It' s a prominent garden featuring man-made mountains with various buildings around the lake. In 1341, Tian Ru, a Buddhist monk, came to Suzhou to preach scriptures, and was loved and supported by his disciples. Lion Forest assembled in a most fascinating manner and with secluded caves. For this it is known as the "Kingdom of Artificial Hills".

photography of the lion forest garden

Lion Forest Garden-one Of Chinese Classical Garden In Suzhou

photography of the lion forest garden china

These inscriptions are integrated naturally and harmoniously into the archiectures, hills and rivers, flowers and trees in the garden, endowing them with far-reaching prospects. Accordingly , visitors can derive the enjoyment of beauty and the relish of soul when roaming in the garden.

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