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— All Object And Shadows On Separate Layers —

Photographer Jake Walters

London-based Jake Walters is an extraordinary photographer, he creates real drama with these fashion shots. Whether the subject is still, wildly kinetic or deliberately staged, the people in Walters’ photographs are always intriguing, always demanding one’s attention longer than might be excited.  The fluidity in the background movement synchronizes beautifully with the actions made by the models.

Brochure design

Brochure Design by Darren McPherson and Will Miller who are Creative Director and Graphic Designer often awarded by prestigious publishers and institutions. Saskatchewan Jazz Festival 2011 (Music Festival Campaign Design) and Typeforce 2 Exhibition Catalogue.

Prospectacy Identity Design by Higher

Prospectacy Brand Identity by Higher who is a Slovakia based branding and design agency with several offices over the Europe. This time for Cyprus company Prospectacy. “Client asked about new brand identity that will help to standout and deliver services with pride, passion and excellence. Since Prospectacy worked with a Russian clients a lot, they wanted to incorporate a two-headed eagle as a sign of brand, but at the same time do it in “different”; way for reduce similarity with Cypriot National Guard emblem.’

Sarolta Bán digital photo manipulation

Sarolta Bán is an photographer and photo-montage artist from Budapest, Hungary. Usually Sarolta makes different manipulations with her art works from several hours to several days using up to 100 different layers for each image.

photo-montage by Mattijn Franssen

Mattijn Franssen is a photo-montage artist from the Netherlands. His photomontages are a continuation of his oil paintings which works quicker, cleaner, and faster with a camera and he never uses any stock photos in his work.

visual design by Muggie Ramadani

Muggie Ramadani is an interdisciplinary designer specialized in creating intelligent solutions for analog and digital media. Experienced in developing effective visual concepts and information hierarchies to ensure clear communication of content, style, and aesthetics. Muggie’s work has been featured in several international publications, and he has won and been nominated for numerous high-profile design awards.

Visual Identity Design by Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka is a young graphic designer and illustrator from Wroclaw in Poland. For being in graphic design since 2008, Peter sure knows how to deliver a strong creative works with the different composition of typography and colours.

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