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20 Sets Of Free Ocean Water And Rain Photoshop Brushes

Free photoshop Water and Rain Brushes, Water Brushes, Rain Brushes, Making the illusion of water in designs using Photoshop can be a truly complex.

Space Water Brushes by Kikariz


Waterworks by Kavaeka

These brushes were created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 using altered emitters from Particle Illusion 3.0. Brush images have been included for those who do not have Photoshop CS4.


Water Brushes by Boalynn-Stock

There are 3 brushes in this set consisting of images of sea waves. These brushes are intended for Photoshop 7 and above.


Ocean Brushes by Kai

There are 15 high-quality brushes of oceans and waves in this set that you can for free in your design. The one in the preview image would be perfect for creating a surfing-themed designs such as posters or cards. Created in Photoshop CS3, these should work with any CS versions of Photoshop


Water Brushes by Ana Rasha-stock

Contains 6 brushes with resolutions of between 500 to 800 pixels.


38 Water Splash Brushes


Water Splashes-PS Brush Set



Water Dropplets – Brush


Water II Photoshop Brushes


Waterfalls | midnightstouch


Water Brushes II | superlibbie


Water Bubbles | LoRdaNdRe


Water Brushes from Designer Lab

There are 15 brushes about water. Water drops, ripple effects in the water and water spills for creating some cool effects in your design projects. You can use them for free in your personal or commercial projects.


Stormy Seas by midnights touch

There are around 30 water brushes in this set composed of images of stormy seas.


Abstract water by Lileya

A set of 9 water brushes that you can use with Photoshop CS+ versions. Perfect for creating backgrounds where you need a water effect.


Water Bubbles Brush by millertimemsu

This is a set of three bubble brushes but you can easily tweaked these brushes to create many options, effects or designs. Also please note that you must use a blending mode in order to make the bubbles fit in with environment, such as overlay or soft light. You can also adjust background and foreground colors before using brush in order to make the bubbles certain colors without applying a blending mode.


Underwater Bubble Brushes by Morgan BW

Here is a set of Photoshop brushes for creating underwater bubbles effect in your designs. It is however important to load the effects (FX) style (Provided) and use it on the bubble layer in order to make the bubbles look this real. Otherwise they will look like a cartoon.


Create an Amazing Rain Effect


Rain Brushesby ElizavetBrushes

Rain Brushes by ElizavetBrushes

Rainby ~elestrial

Rain by elestrial

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