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25 Photoshop Ocean Underwater Waves Tutorial Manipulation

Sometime we are inspired by car and beer photos with Photoshop Water Effect, as an poster designers also wanner creating those awosome effect in out advertisement posters. so, you will aquire enough skills to make your own underwater or rain effects if you go through and learn atleast some of these tutorials. Those intermediate level tutorial so some steps can be a bit tricky. You will learn how to make basic retouching on Photo manipulation for Ocean Underwater Waves Tutorial in Photoshop and how to paint water effect and apply text, textures and underwater scene, create custom romantic rain effect and a sharpening technique to make awesome high impact effects.

Guess you may be interested in the blow excellent related articles as well:


Create a Photo Manipulation of a Flooded City Scene

In this tutorial, we will learn how to manipulate a simple photo into a flooding torrent of a scene. We'll use some relatively simple techniques to give this image a semi-realistic, stylized feel.

Create Photo Manipulation of Flooded City Scene

Under Water Easy Photoshop Tutorial

Under Water Easy Photoshop Tutorial

Beautiful Water Effect in Photoshop CC

Beautiful Water Effect in Photoshop CC

Fantastic Splashing Water Woman Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial all about creating an amazing water woman and how to give the clothes a metallic effect. It’s an easy tutorial, but it is difficult to put it into organized steps.

Fantastic Splashing Water Woman Photoshop Tutorial

Flowing Liquid Stream Metallic 3D Text Effect in Photoshop


create this Flowing Water Stream Metallic 3D Text Effect in Photoshop. The main focus of this tutorial is the combination of water stream brushset and warp tool, plus some texturing practices.

Create a Water Girl Photo Manipulation


In this tutorial, show you the steps took to Create a Water Girl Photo Manipulation (Mixing with Splatter Brushes) in Photoshop. This is an intermediate level tutorial so some steps can be a bit tricky.

Amazing Water & Light Splash Effect in PhotoShop

splash effect

Create an Intense Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation

Learn how to create this amazing apocalyptic photo manipulation with Photoshop! You’ll learn how to blend elements such as water and moon, create seamless structures with the Clone Stamp tool, and finish it off with a cold movie photo effect.


Create a Surreal Advertising Photo Manipulation

This Psd Premium tutorial by author Mark Mayers will take inspiration from the surrealist art movement and will demonstrate how to blend stock images to create an illustration that could be applied to anything from drinks machines to point-of-sale displays.


Water Drops

This tutorial will show you how to add crystal clear water droplets on a leaf.


Realistic water running on tap

Through this tutorial, we will learn how to use a combination of photoshop filters to create a realistic effect of water running from a tap..


Artistic rain effect

In this tutorial you will know how to combine simple images into a complex new creation. This process is called composition. But you will be continuing on to taking the final composition into a rainy world.


Creating Water From A Tap

Using selection tools and glass filter you will learn to create clear water flowing from a tap.


The Rain Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will help you to add simple rain effects in a background.


Water Dress Tutorial

In this tutorial you will make water dress like Gisele Bundchen one.


Water effect photo montage

In this amazing tutorial you will learn to blow up body parts or just say replace them with water effects.


Create amazing water-drenched photomontages

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a splash, blending two very different images to create this amazing underwater effect, complete with a dissolving figure of a man.


Create Silky Smooth Waterfalls In Photoshop

In this Photoshop Effects tutorial, you’re going to look at how to give waterfalls a silky smooth appearance, as if the photo was taken with a longer exposure which would normally require the use of a neutral density filter.


Underwater Experiment in Photoshop

There’s another world under the waves. Make a splash with an incredible underwater scene, with tips on underwater lighting from Fabio Sasso.


Basic water drops

In this tutorial you will learn how to make basic water drops in three dimensional space using the elliptical marquee tool, free transform, duplicate layer and a few simple layer effects.


Create a refreshing branded beer advert

Ever wanted to make your very own Hoineken Advert? Look no further.


How to make it look like a shark is coming out of a picture frame

Let’s start things slowly with one of the most essential skills … not too much going on here apart from a bit of staining and a couple of trickles.


Splashing Water Text Effect

Starting to get a bit trickier here – we can safely say that letter S is thoroughly soaked.


The Massive Terrifying Tidal Wave Effect

Two high profile mediums of water showcased here: Waves & Rain


Advanced Reflection Effect

Textbook reflection. Get your liquify brush ready.


Smashed Wet Television Effect

Note in particular the ‘tumbling gold fish’ – an essential.


Make A Bottle Of Mineral Water Into A Mountain


How To Make An Ice Sculpture

Finally an Ice Sculpture. Complete this one and collect your badge …


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