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20 Fully Responsive 100% Free Joomla 3 Templates Bootstrap

We know Joomla 3 is the latest major release of the popular Content Management System that improve server response time and based on bootstrap framework and PHP 5.3.1 is the minimum version of PHP required.In this post you’ll find Latest best Free Responsive Joomla 3 Templates Around because We all know that we’re going to use our blog as a tool to promote our business, so we need to have a clean, professional, corporate look.

Joomla! is a popular open source CMS offers a new access control system which allows site administrators control over who can view and manage content. It also brings unlimited depth organization models, which allows content creators to define categories and create a category tree with as many (or as few) levels for organizing articles as needed.

In addition, developers and implementers will enjoy the new ability Joomla 3/2.5 provides in allowing extensions to be built with granular control and permissions. This makes it easier to create more advanced, enterprise-focused applications and extensions for Joomla.

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30 Smart Flat Responsive Free Joomla 3.0 Templates


New Jersey - 100% Free Multipurpose Joomla 3 Template

Built on Gantry Framework, Bootstrap 3 come with full width responsive layout and mobile friendly design and containing more than 20 sections on home page, New Jersey can be used to develop an e-commerce website and also supporting Kunena forum to develop a discussion room.

new jersey 100 free multipurpose joomla 3 template

Beaumont Free Clean Photography Joomla Template

Beaumont Joomla 3 Template to present you the following Joomla! Website Template for Photography and Artistic that you are welcome to use as the ready-made solution for your web presence.

beaumont free clean photography joomla template

HELIX3 - Free Joomla 3 Template With MegaMenu Generator

Helix3 is a user-friendly, modern, highly customizable and easy to integrate solution to build your custom Joomla 3+ website with Modern Design  (2015 web trends inlcuded), This clean and modern Joomla 3.x template was created for business and corporate sites.

Helix3 Best Template Framework for Joomla

Eximium - Free Joomla Template Powered by Yjsg v2

Eximium is compatible with all current Joomla versions and it is a must have for any Joomla enthusiast or website developer.  Out of the box responsive layout cares for your mobile web presence and will make sure that your visitors are able to see your best presentation on devices.

Eximium - Free Joomla Template Powered by Yjsg v2

ZenithII FREE responsive Joomla! 3.3.+ template

ZenithII is a FREE responsive Joomla! 3.3 template with lots of outstanding features. The template has been shaped with condense typography and the most popular Bootstrap front-end Framework. 

ZenithII FREE responsive Joomla 3 template

Baseline Free Joomla 3 Template

Baseline comes with responsive layout , 3 template styles , custom module styles, additional team page and custom style for YJ Module Engine.

Baseline Free Joomla 3 Template

Radon - Startup & Business Responsive Joomla Template

Radon is a clean, modern design multi-purpose Joomla template can be used for any type of professional and modern websites. It fully equipped by latest technology such as Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS3 and Mega Menu built-in. 

Radon Startup Business Responsive Joomla Template 1

Sport Club - Bootstrap HTML5 Responsive Joomla 3 Template

Sport Club is an Responsive Joomla! template is based on the Bootstrap Framework. The Bootstrap Framework makes it fully responsive to all screen resolutions and aspect ratios.

sport club joomla 3 template free

Nine In One - Responsive Multipurpose Joomla 3 Template

Nine In One responsive multipurpose theme powered by the fast Warp7 Framework. Advanced template manager with Real-time theme customizer,  one-click LESS compiler and full Quickstart package for Joomla 3.x.

Nine In One responsive multipurpose theme

ReniBiz - Clean Flat Free Responsive Joomla 3 Template

ReniBiz is a Professional, Clean, Responsive template for Joomla! 3.x. It has inbuilt functionality to support font-awesone, google fonts, multi-color design and image/text logo variation.

renibiz joomla 3 template free

Johanna - Flat Warp 7 Framework Joomla 3 Template Lite

Perfect Joomla Theme for Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Massage Salon, Therapy or Spa. Based on Powerful Warp Framework 7, fast loading  using built in compression of files, data URIs and gzip.

Johanna Warp 7 Framework Joomla 3 Template

JF Taman for personal portfolio or corporate firms

It comes with 13 module positions and features a big slideshow on the home, k2 component for best content management, a masonry k2 portfolio filter function, a portfolio gallery latest entries module, a recent comments and latest blog entries module.

JF Taman for personal portfolio or corporate firms

SJ Plus - Free Responsive Joomla template

The template is designed with bootstrap, responsive layout, SEO optimized and LESS. This free joomla template used most innovative designs and code libraries to bring developers a powerful and flexible template.

SJ Plus Free Responsive Joomla template

Free responsive joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.x multiple purposes template

Free responsive joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.x multiple purposes template. Optional Bootstrap Framework from template parameters. For horizontal main menu in module manager chose position mainmenu. In "Advance Options" for "Alternative Layout" select mainmenu.

Free responsive joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.x multiple purposes template

Ju Otan Fast loading Responsive template

Ju Otan Fast loading Responsive template3 column template, 2 columns-full left, 2 columns-full right, 1 column (main body), 4 color styles: red, blue, green and orange.

Ju Otan Fast loading Responsive template

Ju premart Responsive Template

3 column template, 2 columns-full left, 2 columns-full right, 1 column (main body), As responsive, the menu shows only the first sublevel.

Ju premart Responsive Template

Meet Kotoba - Free Responsive Joomla Template

Kotoba is built on the fast Warp Framework - the same framework that powers YooTheme's club templates. It's a responsive template and has dozens of options in the template control panel. I designed two different theme styles, and also made use of Warp's nine color combinations and it's library of Google fonts.

Meet Kotoba Free Responsive Joomla Template

SJ Vinda - Free Joomla Entertainment Template

SJ Vinda is built with Flat design, neat typography and well-structured layout. Along with 6 color schemes and 8 bonus pages, supporting RTL language and various content types.

SJ Vinda Free Joomla Entertainment Template

Interior Free Responsive Joomla 3 Template

eel this unparalleled comfort of managing your website from your tablet or smartphone. Assess how easy became the process of customization. Use only the best and the most advanced technologies that automatically adjust to all popular screen resolutions.

Interior Free Responsive Joomla 3 Template

Luxury Interior Design Responsive Joomla 3 Website Template

This free sample was created specially for your convenience and in order to simplify your future work with Joomla 3.0 Templates that have a powerful working potential. It is a perfect chance to discover Joomla template for purpose of interior design company.

Luxury Interior Design Responsive Joomla 3 Website Template

Photography Joomla 2.5 Website Template

This template is best design for personal blog related to photography who photographer may like this create their own blog to show and share photos or know knowledge by online.

Photography Joomla Template

JA Purity III

Purity III is the best responsive Joomla template that you won't get enough of for almost everything: from a simple to complex Joomla projects, personal blog to professional business portfolio site.

Purity III

Zenith II FREE Responsive Joomla! Template

ZenithII is a FREE responsive Joomla! 2.5 & 3.3 template with lots of outstanding features. The template has been shaped with condense typography and the most popular Bootstrap front-end Framework. ZenithII Template is perfectly suitable to kick start a business portfolio website in Joomla or makeover your existing one . 

Zenith II FREE responsive Joomla  template

Zenith Premium FREE template for Joomla

Zenith is a FREE Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 template with lots of cool features . It is Bootstrapped and K2 Supported so making your own business site or blog is just a click away.

Zenith Premium FREE template for Joomla

Expose4 Responsive Base Template

Expose4 template is the solid theme based on Expose, our fast and slick theme framework! It takes full advantage of all the latest Expose features like semantic xHTML markup, a nice and clean administration UI, Xpert Mega Menu and much more.

Expose4 Responsive Base Template

Simplex Lite Free Responsive Joomla Template

Create an amazing joomla website for your personal or commercial project using our Simplex-Lite free joomla template. 

simplex lite Free Responsive Joomla Template

Mondrian Using the Wright 3 Framework

Faster Load Times thanks to LESS, the Wright Framework, and Bootstrap

Mondrian using the Wright 3 Framework

Joomla Template for Software Development Company

Eclipse was created for software or digital product download websites, but its use is not limited to this category only. The template can be used basically for any type of project if the design fits your requirements.

Joomla Template for Software Development Company

TFJ SPORT FREE Lite Joomla! 2.5 Template

TFJ SPORT FREE Lite Joomla 2.5 Template

Industrial - Responsive Free Joomla Template

Industrial is a free universal template for Joomla 2.5 by TemplateMonster, which comes with 4 special layouts for desktops, tablets, smartphone landscape and smartphone portrait. All layouts are very responsive.

tmresponsive joomla_template

YOO Nano - Free HTML5 Responsive Joomla Template

Nano is the first theme based on Warp6, our fast and slick theme framwork! It takes full advantage of all the latest Warp6 features like semantic HTML5 markup, a nice and clean administration UI and much more.


Kaiser - Responsive Custom Color Joomla 2.5 Template

Kaiser is an free version joomla 2.5 template designed by who is the BreezingForms developer, Kaiser are professionally designed joomla template support custom color that you need only a few clicks and you're ready to go: just select your colors and  the color system automatically calculates shades of these colors to make everything look nice.


Cameleon - free Joomla 2.5 template

Cameleon is a Joomla 2.5 template built with a responsive design to fit into any screen size available out there. The template comes with rtl support, JJ Slider and accordion menu, Google Fonts and more. It’s also compatible with Joomla 1.6.x – 1.7.x and Joomla 2.5.x


JA Elastica Joomla! Responsive Template

Web has spread to mobiles, tablets, netbooks and other handheld devices. Do you think your site is ready to serve them all? Responsive Joomla! templates are the answer to such now common design requirements. One template to serve them all. Responsive joomla! template as JA Elastica adapts and transforms to fit the screen area of the devices, now be it extra wide monitors or be it ipad, iphone or the android powered beauties. JA Elastica - Joomla! first responsive template and is completely free licensed under GNU/GPL V3.


GK Music responsive free Joomla 2.5 template

FREE responsive template from GavickPro!

It is always a challenge coming up with a new template to suit the unique needs of our customers. We've certainly accomplished this goal. At no cost, with this template make your own music website that will catch your visitors' attention. Thanks to the Gavern Framework upon which this template is based, the specifications of Responsive Web Design have been implemented.


CMS Blue for Joomla 2.5

CMS Blue is a simple responsive theme that offers the basics but you can always use your creativity to modify. This CMS Theme also comes in different colors and style; CMS Grey, CMS Water and CMS White.


Travel Template - OT Tourim

OT Tourim - a very well Travel template website for Joomla 1.5, 1.7, 2.5. You can use Mega Tourim for advertising and presenting your travel company to the visitors of your site.


H5BP4J - HTML5 Responsive Joomla Template

H5BP4J is a responsive template starter (very basic) for those who prefer to create their own templates. This template starter was build on HTML5 Boilerplate.


Recycle Joomla 2.5 Template

Recycle, Free Joomla Template. It's good for our environment, and free!
Jump in and download our latest Free Joomla Template, Recycle. You'll LOVE it's features, lightweight (bloat-free code) and easy on your pocketbook (FREE!).


Vertex template framework

The Vertex Joomla Template is a 100% free GPL licensed template, now with Responsive Layout! It's purpose is to show off the powerful features of the Shape5 Vertex template framework. That's right you get all the powerful Vertex features for free such as the S5 Flex Menu, 94 module positions, mobile device version, hide the component area on any page, custom row and column widths, RTL language support, and so much more!



JoomlaDagen is a responsive template for Joomla 1.7. The template is also using Twitter Bootstrap, Skeleton and Google Fonts.


Jubilee Joomla Template

Jubilee, Free Joomla Template. It's delicious and free!
Dig in and download our latest Free Joomla Template treat, Jubilee. You'll LOVE how it's rich on features, yet lightweight (bloat-free code) and easy on your pocketbook (FREE!).


JSN Cube - Responsive Joomla Fashion Template

JSN Cube is the most amazing Joomla Fashion Template on the market. With a powerful built-in framework it runs smoothly on major web browsers for both desktop and mobile platforms. Another thing to mention is the great JS/CSS compression mechanism which gives faster loading speed.

jsn cube_2

Shaper Zaara - Free Joomla 2.5 Template

new joomla template Shaper Zaara is the perfect answer for you. Zaara creates a specific look and feel with lots of features and flexibility. The template style is not fixed for any specific sector, it can be used for portfolio, showcase, blog, business and many other website styles. Zaara is built on Helix Framework and arrives with a predefined suffix class or module class suffix and six preset styles in color.



OneWeb is a basic template or ‘template starter’ for Joomla that was built with responsive design in mind; one that you can use for better template design development. Among the features are a fluid grid, HTML5, lightweight and fast.


Feuerwehr Template V2


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