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7 WordPress Security Plugin to Protect Your Admin Account

WordPress is the most popular content publishing portal in the entire world. As a result, plenty of bloggers are diving into the ocean of content to make their blogs visible to the global users. But with such vast user-base, there is an increased risk of website hacking. Hackers always have their eye on WordPress as it allows bloggers to share their original content with others.

Most of the newbie bloggers do not prioritize security concerns when it comes to protecting their WordPress account from hackers until and unless they witness an inappropriate intrusion in some or the other way.

It exposes the very basic aspect of human nature as we never realize the value of something unless we are compelled to see how badly its malfunctioning can affect us. Being one of the most powerful, efficient and fruitful extensible platforms, WordPress comprises witnessed a substantial growth in its user base.

Most of the WordPress interaction with the plugins are complex, and that can cause some unwanted and hazardous security issues. Another reason for the WordPress security breach is mainly associated with the third-party vulnerabilities. Buffer overflows and SQL injections can sometimes exploit the platform severely.

Here are some of the best Wordpress Security Plugin for your WordPress site that can act as an efficient filter to secure your website.

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Wordfence Security - Download

wordfence security

One of the most famous security plugins, Wordfence, not only protects your account from intrusions and hacks, but it also provides end users with additional features. Its feature includes as two-step authentication and security enhancement as well.

Moreover, it also offers the scanning feature that allows users to verify whether the site is adulterated with a virus or not. It notifies you if in case it finds any infection and as per the claim, it makes your WordPress account 50 times secure and faster. It is free of cost, but you need to buy the premium version to have access to few of its advanced features.

All in One WP Security & Firewall - Download

all in one wp security firewall

This particular plugin is for those who are unaware of the advanced security settings. It provides you with a highly interactive user interface by giving a set of safety protocols to deploy on your WordPress site. It rejects infected scripts before it infects the website and your WordPress account.

As a matter of fact, it prevents the website from getting affected by fake Chatbots that might affect the site severely. Moreover, it comes with a unique tool that enables you to create complex passwords and it also offers a sign-in lockdown feature that bans IP addresses to avoid Brute Force attacks.

iThemes Security - Download

ithemes security

Precisely a suitable safety plugin for beginners while at the same time suiting the core requirements of premium users. It gives you various options to customize advanced settings and also a checklist of all the actions to ensure high security. It also keeps track of users’ activities and offers them a two-step authentication.

Easy to scan the WordPress website for determining the possible vulnerabilities with iThemes Security. It also prevents the site from getting attacked by Brute force along with rejecting the IP addresses that attempt to do so.

Sucuri Security - Download

sucuri security

Sucuri plugin is majorly a regulating tool for various modifications or activities that might infect your WordPress website. It is an ideal tool for those who understand codes, who are developers and experts in examining such data as it requires you to be familiar with file systems and codes within WordPress.

It offers various additional features, such as blacklist regulation, website firewall, malfunction scanning, and security auditing. The ultimate task of Sucuri Security is to prevent your website from getting attacked by DOS and brute forces. In the case of an intruder successfully hacks your website, your safety logs will remain in the plugin’s operations section. It also has a premium version that gives you access to other additional features as well.

Bulletproof Security - Download

bulletproof security

This security plugin for WordPress encapsulates three important parts, and that is - log in, database security, and firewall. It is easy to use and set up as it can be installed with few clicks. Premium users are also given an option of a manual mode for customizing settings further according to their requirements. The security filter is developed to identify infected and unnecessary intrusions which in turn help in enhancing the website’s speed and its coherence.

WP Antivirus Site Protection - Download

wp antivirus site protection

This security plugin scans almost each and every file on the website to protect your account and identify any malfunction. The database is regularly updated, and in the case of any malware detection, the same is viewed in the WordPress admin section.

Apart from that, this information is also sent to the user via mail. WP Antivirus plugin uses Siteguarding.com API to scan the data. Not only that, but it also detects rootkits, worms, adware, spyware, fraud tools, and backdoors and takes appropriate steps to eradicate them.

Clef Two-Factor Authentication - Download

clef two factor authentication

Providing one of a fascinating ways to set up a log-in account this plugin requires you to install it. Once done, all you need to do is place it in front of the WordPress login screen and match patterns on the two. The moment they detect one another, you will be able to sign in to your account.

It is an adequate tool for those who struggle with their passwords and cannot remember them easily. This plugin for WordPress has free, and premium versions along with a mobile application supporting both i.e. Android and IOS.

Today, a vast number of bloggers use WordPress due to its broad applications, amazingly interactive UI, and fascinating features. It contains a high amount of original content, and it is highly exposed to threats like professional hacking, brute force attacks, malware, and malfunctions.

Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that they do not cause some serious issues. Moreover, it is highly recommended to have a backup solution, i.e. install few of these security plugins as per your requirements to protect the website from getting hacked.

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